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How To Buy VIAGRA Online | Frequently Asked Questions about Viagra Answered
Everything about Viagra

viagra-3There probably isn't a single guy on the planet who hasn't heard about Viagra and its effect, and probably not a single one who didn't wish to try it out. Even though this pill is used to treat various medical conditions and erectile dysfunction, some men take it recreatively to enhance their sexual performance and make sex last longer. Throughout the years there has been a great deal of controversy about Viagra and its side effects, but numerous medical studies have shown that there is no significant danger in using it over a long period of time. Let's see how does Viagra work and what you should take into account before running to the nearest pharmacy and getting it.
viagra-4Viagra first hit the med market in 1998, and it was presented as the revolutionary new drug that could help treat impotence and other sex related problems. Since there are dozens of millions of people over 20 years of age that have experienced some symptoms of erectile dysfunctions, it's clear how much in need the world was for a drug like this. After thousands and thousands of satisfied user, Viagra became a real hit worldwide and one of the most famous names in the history of medications. Aged men no longer had to dread the day their pride will fail them in the most crucial moment, and the age limit for sex sky rocketed. Just look at Hugh Hefner who is still living happily with a bunch of bunnies at age 86, for example. But if you though that only older men use it, you'd be wrong. In the past decade, it has become a very popular drug among the teens and youth that has no problem in getting and maintaining an erection, on the contrary. But since most teens are still insecure when it comes to sex and their performance and always looking for a way to impress their partners, it's not uncommon for them to take Viagra just so they could go on four hours. This kind of recreational Viagra use isn't bad per se, but it can become very dangerous it it's mixed with other drugs and alcohol. Viagra is an PDE-5 inhibitor and it affects the blood pressure, just like alcohol, so mixing the two could lead to a potentially lethal combination by causing extreme hypotension.
Not to focus too much on the abuse of Viagra, let's discuss the contraindications and side effects that come with proper usage. Viagra is not recommended for people with prior health conditions such as heart, liver or kidney problems, and those that are under therapy that includes nitrite based meds. If you're not sure whether you are safe to take Viagra or not, it is best to see a doctor who will know for sure. Once you get a prescribed dose, never increase it or take the drug more often than recommended, as it can cause serious health problems. But if you take Viagra as prescribed, it will be the best bedroom sidekick you've ever seen!

What you should know about ordering Viagra online

viagra-5Ordering Viagra online is the most easier way to buy this medication for treating erectile dysfunction today. It is not only fast and affordable, but you can also be sure in most cases that any personal information that you leave on their site will be kept in the utmost secrecy and that the delivery will also be confidential. At least, that is what it should look like, but it’s not always. Here are five of the most important things that you need to remember when ordering this ED drug from online sources.

1. Are you buying the real deal?
Viagra pills are easily distinguishable from other medications. They are small blue pills that are shaped like a diamond. On the front is written a dosage, which could be 25mg, 50mg or a 100mg and on the back is written “Pfizer” (which is the company that manufactures this drug) and VGR. If someone tries to sell you anything that is even a little different from this, don’t buy it as it is most likely fake.

2. How much should you spend on it?
There are a lot of web sites that promise the cheapest Viagra. While these may be tempting you should not go buy from them. They might either sell fake Viagra or they might deliver it in a damaged package and unusable. You won’t be saving any money if this happens.

3. Research the web site selling it
I know that the easiest thing to do is to Google “buy Viagra” and order it from the first site, but this is often not a good idea. It takes only a minute or two to check out the site you are about to order from, but it can save you a lot of time and money. There are a number of fake sites that are out there just to get your personal information, including your banking account, so always take good care who you are dealing with.

viagra-64. Consult with your doctor
Never skip this part if you intend to start taking Viagra or want to change the dosage. You need to know about any potential adverse effects that might happen to you as well as what is the correct dosage you should take. A lot of web sites have a medical consultant available and you can go through this process with him. If the web site you want to order Viagra from doesn’t have a medical consultant available, than skip it.

5. Should I order Viagra from a local web site or an international one?
If you are living in the US or UK, there are a lot of web sites that sell Viagra in your country, but that is actually made in some third world country. These can, but may not be, either fake or poorly made and can cause you some problems. For this reason, it is always better to buy Viagra from site based where you live. Plus, it will get much faster to your address as it often takes days before they ship it from whatever country they are making it

A short introduction to Viagra

viagra-1When you come across a blogsite called Viagra Manual, you do not really expect to see an article that is an introduction to Viagra, do you? However, what you need to understand is that a lot of people know very little about Viagra. Sure, everyone knows that it has something to do with sex and that it helps men in some way, but in essence, very few people know exactly what Viagra is and how it works and helps men. That is why we wanted to write this short introduction before we go on to some more specific stuff about this drug. In this article, we will also be talking about some basic things that you need to remember if you want a positive experience with Viagra.

First of all, we would like to say a thing or two about the kind of medication that Viagra is and what it is used for. Well, Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor, meaning that it belongs to the class of drugs of that name. In fact, it was Viagra that gave birth to this entire class of drugs and the name that the class got the name it did is that these drugs inhibit PDE5, which is an enzyme that can prevent the blood vessels in the penis from expanding when the man is sexual aroused. In short, Viagra inhibits an enzyme that inhibits healthy erections. To put it even simpler – Viagra helps blood vessels in the penis expand and thus helps men achieve erections.

viagra-2Therefore, Viagra is an erectile dysfunction drug that is works temporarily by enabling men with this condition to have healthy erections that will last long enough for them to have a complete sex act. This may not seem like too much, but when you consider the fact that before Viagra came out these people had nothing to help them, it becomes very obvious why Viagra is such an important medication. In addition to this, thanks to Viagra, the view on erectile dysfunction has changed completely in the west, with men suffering from this condition finally being able to say their piece and talk about their condition.

You need to understand that Viagra is a very potent medication and that it can have certain negative effects on the person's health if it is not used properly. This is why it is still a prescription medication and why you need to have a doctor prescribe it before you can use it. Once you are prescribed with it, it is absolutely crucial that you take it as recommended and that you never alter your regimen without asking your doctor. For instance, you must never take more than one Viagra pill per day and you need to be extra careful if you are using some other medications. In fact, it is best that you ask your doctor about what you can and cannot do as it would take us too much to give you a list of all these things.

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